french slut Cathy Creuze Thueux

born in Hennebont(56) France : 03-23-1974
adress : 10 rue de la taillée 85220 Coex (France)

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This is Leah, Serena, Patty. She still has sex for money.

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Having grown sick and tired of hearing PWL get called “Racist” over the years by whores that use the race card as an easy way to deflect from the disgusting things they have done in their lives, we have to ask:

If PWL is racist, why are there more WHITE performers and porn hangers on and scumbags profiled here than performers and hangers-on of any other ethnic group?

And if you can’t come up with a good answer to that question, please shut the fuck up and stop playing the old tired race card. Everyone is getting sick of it and there is one ethnic group in particular that loves to use the race card as an excuse to not go out and better their lives. I will let the readers guess which group that is. And the liberals that pander to that group are just as bad or worse.

Did you idiots know that this site started out as before morphing into Which ethnic group do they belong to because they both look like a couple of Nazi skinheads to me.

Play the race card elsewhere because that shit isn’t going to fly here.

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Changes with PWL management and other things

The old PWL management as many of you know had slacked and failed to updated or run the site properly so PWL management has changed and other things on the site including look, feel and posting freedoms will also be changed. We are hoping to open the site up to have more of a 4chan style freedom and anonymous ability for posters. These changes not might take affect for weeks to months but we will keep you posted and updated.

We have some cool other sites being built with the a PWL look, feel and script using its backbone and one is for escorts leaks. Yes Mercedes Ashley is the leading super star porn star escort hooker lol.  Another is about fanboi stalker leaks and yes Sean and his fags like Whiteacre and Spiegler will be the super stars with the first post and wikis. We will let you know when released.

We want to remind everyone that: All posts, stories, opinions, comments etc. on the Pornwikileaks (PWL for short) web site are not necessarily the views of those who run, advertise on or own PWL. Likewise those that run or own PWL will not be held liable for any content or comments contained on this site. PWL believes in Freedom of Speech, and as such allows all opinions to be represented and posted by their authors autonomously. Comments are NOT moderated on a regular basis. We strongly discourage the use of racial slurs, slander/libel or harassment. We reserve the right to edit or delete any post for any reason or terminate anyone’s ability to post for any reason. After all, we do pay the bills around here. Long story short, you are adults, so act like it.

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It is sad

It so sad!
Honestly I knew her from SG but none of us even want to be around her anymore.
She is obsessed and he is like the biggest guido ever.
Tinfoil hats anyone?

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What is the title of the Miako movie shot in the green room?

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Darkos mom

Even her sick mom can pull it together and do something legitimate tjsy requires talent…not exploiting herself. Having a serious illness and having the heart to not give up on her career…..trying to set an example but instead seems like her own child feels the need to compete. IMO…draw your own conclusions…When she deadlifts too much weight with Harker in the gym and breaks her back then well see who has compassion for her.Selfish and foolish.God help her…..maybe if she leaves that clown she’ll wake up.

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Leanni Lei

Would you please delete discriminating words in this page: Please be so kindful. Who wrote this bullshit???

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Taylor Rodgers – E289, E273, E258

Instagram link for Taylor Rodgers – E289, E273, E258

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How sick are homosexuals and people who support them? ILL SHOW YOU!

Fucking faggot piece of dog shit mother fucker gays that keep spreading there HIV in straight porn need to all be FUCKING &i**@! and anyone who is friends with them, hires them, or supports them needs there head checked. If you support gayness or think it is not abnormal then you need your head check also and need to watch the video below.


WARNING straight males dont eat before you watch this! Faghags that come here might find this arousing….

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