all content you can find at torrents! WTF?

why guys from ftvcash not clear internet from they stolen content?

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Anybody want to write Ari Scott Bass? Here’s is his address

Ari Bass alias Michael Whiteacre address for you PWL people that would like to know and send him things is
5600 E. Russell Road #138
Henderson, Nevada 89014
Its called the Palladuim Apts. More fun to come guys….

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Bonnie Rotten is HIV+

Already posted this in the forum section.

A friend of mine works in a Hospital/Clinic in Ohio, and
does a lot of paperwork with patients files,
correspondence etc, and came across Bonnie Rotten,
aka Alaina Hicks’ file. Being a porn lover he looked
inside and saw tests results of Alaina’s STI check,
reporting HIV positive results, dated from two weeks
ago and a report from a mental health associate saying
Alaina lashed out when told and said this won’t let this
illness stop her from being “famous”.
I know Bonnie has a lot of projects coming up, so I’m
wondering, can someone please alert all companies to
not let this girl near them.

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Donny Long Has A Beautiful Dong!

We here at Porn Wiki Leaks believe that straight porn god Donny Long has the world’s most perfect penis. Featured in over 1,000 videos, and having shot loads on thousands of whores all over the world, Donny’s cock is both long and thick. We salute your dong, Mr. Long!

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Sean Tompkins is preparing to shoot Gay scenes with Michael Whiteacre

This just in this morning. Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre are preparing to shoot for Falcon Studios in a all out gay man on man shoot with dildos and
plenty of lube for Falcon Studios. Whiteacre who is facing considerable jail time for assault with a Deadly weapon and 1st degree domestic violence against his
brothel whore wife who works now and then for Dennis Hof at the Bunny Ranch is in desperate need for money and his BFF. Sean Matthew Tompkins is a willing
participate to suck and fuck Whiteacre for money on camera. Only one stipulation that Whiteacre as for, that a dildo with lube be used for preparation prior to
Tompkins ass fucks Whiteacre. $2500 is the going pay for this shoot. Hell, Whiteacre is such a gay Jew asshole you can pay him less for that. And no pizza for lunch too. More on this as it develops and hopefully it will be released prior to the AVN 2015 and CES and other possible assault potential shows. Whiteacre might just violate his probation if he is allowed to continue on that, if not incarcerated in jail.

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Rick Madrid hasn’t shot and will not shoot gay for pay work.

Rick Madrid hasn’t and will not do gay for pay work at all. He isn’t broke either. Yurizan Beltran is spreading rumors that Madrid is a sex offender and
He has never ever been charged and or convicted of such a crime. That is Libel and there is proof on the twitter accounts that she has and Instagram that
Sean Tompkins over at hacked and shutdown Yurizan Beltran’s account for her to keep from having copies of that slanderous
remark from getting to the attorneys. Wrong ! They got the screencaps and the copies of the Instagram statement. Poor old ,washup Faghag just can’t win.
She was one of Derrick Gays favorite Mexican escorts for his New York Clients. So Tompkins and Whiteacre, Go suck some crossover cock and assholes and get off
this blog. No Homos allowed. Madrid is part of the straight male army and your not. Failures.

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Maggie Mayhem Real Name Margaret Matchin FAGHAG STUPID WHORE

Maggie Mayhem born Real Name Margaret Matchin needs to be more places in google as I cant find it anywhere and her wiki I dont see indexed either. This “Stupid Whore” mouthed off in a video on youtube and said she was going to “shut down pornwikileaks” and FAILED.


Also her wiki needs updating

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Alex Beltane sucks dick in New Mexico

Alex Beltane from New Mexico is a future cocksucker fag pornstar wannabee who sucks dick and runs with Jewacre and failkins.
That dude is a real piece of shit. Aren’t you Alex? Dick sucker homo.

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Sean Tompkins is back at it stalking and harrassing female talent

Sean Tompkins the massive failure fag boy from was harassing and stalking Tiffany Fox Friday Afternoon while she was talking with
a male fan. Failkins has to play the part he is Marc Pigler’s pimp boy tried in vain to get her to reply but at no avail. Failkins ended up usual talking to himself again.
Word is that failkins is on SSI and gets a government check for his mental disorders and stays at his father house and fucks with people by stalking on twitter with his
20 some stupid twitter accounts. His buddy Jewacre is on a porn set with Taratinoxxx the bisexual, Georgia fag sucking cock and last reported he sucked Danny Trejo’s dick and took a strap on cock up his ass for a future release. Who the fuck is this fag Taratinoxxx? Is he another johnny come lately queer film boy?
His shit sucks.

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Rick Madrid Shot Gay For Pay

Everyone is talking about Rick Madrid doing gay for pay. He must really be broke. Porn Gog Long wouldn’t ever consider gay sex no matter how much money he was offered

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