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Kelly Divine

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Kelly Divine
Kelly divine.jpg
Born Lynda Marie Dempsey
3 July 1984 (1984-07-03) (age 29)
Chester, PA, USA
Alias(es) billboard ass, the DWI Bi
Height 5'8
Weight 129 lbs
Measurements 34D-26-40
Hair color Brown/Blond/Red
Ethnicity Caucasian
No. of adult films 293
Kelly Divine at IAFD

Kelly Divine born Real Name Lynda Marie Dempsey is a pornographic whore, and Hooker. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Lynda Marie Dempsey Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twitter: https://twitter.com/KellyDivine Home Phone Number: 818-326-5403


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Family and Friends

Kelly is the oldest of 7 kids

the self-centered Kelly Divine has never apologized for her drunk driving accident

40 inches wide!?


Kelly is pimped out by gay pimp child rapist Mark Spiegler and will not fuck without his permission. She also has hooked w/rapper kanye west.


Kelly was born and raised in the Philadelphia's black neighborhoods. This has left her with mudshark taste in music, men and cocks. She lives in a ghetto area by choice to this very day (LA). Kelly was expelled from her high school. She regards to this period as " I was a good Catholic girl".

She is on 5 different sets of medications including anti pshycos & anti-skitzo drugs to deal with her physical and mentally abusive suitcase pimp dre. She has asthma and has to use an inhaler whenever she attempts exercise. She has a fat abnormal 40 inch ass.

She was convicted for causing a bad accident while driving drunk which left her with serious injuries. She has a large tattoo of the name of a former dyke girlfriend. She plans to take acting classes and become a mainstream actress. Good luck with that! After that she wants to become a psychologist, even her only post high school education was beauty school. Again, good luck with that!

Pornography career

Kelly describes a favorite scene - "I snorted up cum with a straw, spit it out, and then snorted it again and swallowed".

Kelly Divine sampling different strains of HIV

Forum Activity/Twitter

Kelly likes to kiss Mark Spiegler the gay child rapist ass on twitter and other Crossovers.

There is an 86 page thread spanning 3 1/2 years on ADT where Kelly gives boring cliche answers to fanboy questions. She puts in the extra time because she knows she's about a 5 looks-wise and is lucky to have fans.

Amazon Wish List Beggar

Has a very ambitious 8 page Amazon Wish List. Highlights are a $5,300.00 video camera, $1,500 Apple computer, and a THIRTY-SIX THOUSAND dollar Honda.


Special Commendation from M.A.D.D. - awarded for not causing any additional drunk driving accidents over the last 2 years


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