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Rod Daily

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Rod Daily born Real Name Joshua Rodgers is a HIV infested faggot gay pornographic whore, and gay Hooker, lowlife and scumbag. This queer shut down the straight porn industry because he could keep his nasty gay cock out of females in the straight side. He got HIV from a gay porn set and brought it over to the straight side by giving it to his fag hag Beard Cameron Bay. Find out more about this persons life before porn by looking at the porn stars real name page Joshua Rodgers Born Date Of Birth: Contact email: Twiter:

Rod Daily
Rod Daily.jpg
Born Joshua Rodgers
1 July 1981 (1981-07-01) (age 36)
Hair color Brown
Ethnicity White
No. of adult films 99
Rod Daily at IAFD


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Gay mafia media protecting Rod Daily

Every media outlet in the world protected Rod Daily and blamed his girlfriend Cameron Bay and said her positive test shut down porn but refused to talk about her homosexual boyfriend that works in gay porn that also tested positive. PWL was the only news site speaking the truth about what Rod Daily has done to straight porn just like every other faggot that has brought HIV into straight porn.

Rod Daily Pornography career

Rod Daily worked mostly in gay porn but did jump the fence into straight porn back and forth till he cause the HIV breakout and shutdown of 2013 by giving his Beard HIV Cameron Bay.

Rod Daily Forum Activity/Twitter

Rod talked a lot of shit on Twitter once his girlfriend tested positive and fingers began to point at him. He defended their risky drug and alcohol abusing, gay sex and swinger lifestyle and promised to release his HIV tests over Twitter on Tuesday, August 27, 2013. Like the fag that he is, Rod never showed up and never tweeted again. This confirms that he is HIV+ and confirms he is a pussy with zero balls.

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